Ministry of Education

Successfully finished the Website Administration Training (3/2020)

Naypyitaw Jan 27-31

For the administration of the website with their own domain name extend with, the website administrator training course (3/2020) was successfully finished at the Private Cloud Datacenter, Office 21, Naypyitaw, of the Ministry of Education, from 27 January, 2020 to 31 January 2020. The following 9 universities/education colleges will be launched their website with their own domain names.

  1. Taungoo University
  2. Sagaing University
  3. Kalay University
  4. Sagaing University of Education
  5. West Yangon University
  6. Technological University (Taungoo)
  7. Technological University (Kalay)
  8. University of Computer Studies (Kyaing Tong)
  9. Sagaing Education College
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